About Us


 Coco's Animal Rescue Efforts of Seymour  (CARES) is a non-profit 501c3 organization run entirely by dedicated  volunteers. Our mission is to provide temporary shelter to abandoned and  surrendered cats and dogs until we can find them loving new homes. We  have a comprehensive adoption process and take considerable time and  effort to find good matches in responsible, committed permanent homes.  We educate prospective adopters about the responsibilities and costs of  bringing a pet into their homes and lives. We also do our best to break  down the stereotypes of many "bully breeds". We work to end pet  overpopulation and the suffering of unwanted animals by promoting and  educating about spaying and neutering. 


 Whether pulled from overcrowded shelters  or surrendered by owners, the animals that come to us are cared for by a  loving team of volunteers. Injured or sick animals receive veterinary  care and all are spayed/neutered prior to adoption. They are socialized,  exercised, talked to and hugged every day until they are placed in a  home that will love and cherish them forever.   


About our name

Coco was just a baby when she came to us from a very abusive and violent home. She came to us too late to save, but in the short time she was with us, this amazing pup stole our hearts and inspired us to action. CARES is named in her honor. Our little Coco is forever young and forever motivating us to come to the aid of at-risk, abused and abandoned animals.