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This is Tanner's before and after photos.

Tanner came to us with multiple skin issues, and ear and eye infection. 

Lily, Joey, and Poppy


No one knows what happened to their mom. The siblings came to us malnourished, sick, and weakened from diarrhea and an infection. 

Wish List


  •  For kittens, 
    • Wellness kitten can chicken pate
    • Blue (Buffalo) kitten wilderness can chicken
    • Wellness or Blue (Buffalo) Wilderness dry
  • For cats, can & dry of Fancy Feast, Blue Buffalo, or Wilderness
  • Clumping litter


  • Dry and can of any of the following
    • Blue Buffalo
    • Natural Balance
    • Merrick
    • Taste of the Wild

Cleaning Products

  • paper towels
  • bleach
  • disinfectant wipes
  • Dawn dish detergent
  • laundry detergent
  • dryer sheet
  • tall kitchen garbage bags

Veterinary Care

Veterinary expense is our greatest need. Vaccines such as rabies are $22.10 while an office visit is $42.25. Spay/Neuter runs about $155. Our seniors are usually on maintenance medication such as arthritis meds  while our new intakes usually need antibiotics for some type of infection.  Any little bit helps.   

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